Typing Tournament - Reporting

Typing Tournament - Reporting

The reports relating to each student’s activity within Typing Tournament Online are accessed from the Tools & Reports screen. (NB These reports cannot be accessed from the EdAlive Central School Management or Parent Management screens.)

Access Typing Tournament Tools & Reports

To access the Typing Tournament Tools & Reports go to central.edalive.com login as a Teacher, and click on the Typing Tournament Online tile

Click on the class for which you wish to access the reports. The following will appear:

The Last Login column shows the time and date of each student’s last login. This is helpful if you are monitoring homework use or want to see which children haven’t used the system for a while.

The Circle Graph shows the average progress of the class through Levels 1 – 16. If you click on the name of a student, their progress will be shown and if you select a number of students their average progress displays.

Access Typing Tournament Management

To access the reports:

Specific reports

There is a series of incisive reports that facilitate monitoring of individual and class progress.

The Weekly Report - Whole Class

Shows each user’s best test result in WPM week by week. Hover over each entry to see the details of their performance including WPM, accuracy and duration.

The Progress Report - Whole Class

Shows each user’s progress through the 16 Levels in WPM. Hover over each entry to see the details of their performance including WPM, accuracy and duration.

Daily Report - Whole Class

Shows the activity day-by-day for work done by the student over the past week for Adaptive Learning, Student Content Selections and Teacher Content Selections.

To view the report go to the Class screen and click the Daily Report button.

The Speed Test Report - Whole Class

Shows the user’s latest Speed Test result. Hover over each entry to see the details of their performance.

Export results as a CSV file

Accrued results can be exported from the relevant reports as CSV files for importing into other systems for analysis. The CSV files are saved in the default downloads folder.

View the detail

Each cell in the reports can be expanded to view the detail of foregoing results. The summary result displayed on the primary report is the user’s best result as determined by the system. It may be that other results have been recorded with faster speeds and lower accuracy or visa versa.

Print from the expanded reports

Teachers can save and then print certificates from any of the expanded reports. This enables teachers to retrospectively print certificates for presentation to the student based on previous performance.

Daily history

Shows the detailed day by day activity for each student. To view the report select the student and click the View Student History button.

The Daily History graph enables teachers to monitor student activity by analysing their activity over time. It also enables the resetting of student data and the printing of Level Achievement Certificates.

View week by week activity

Click on a column to highlight the activity for any of 52 weeks. The details display below.

Reset all data

Our research shows that in the early stages of their typing journey many students use the wrong fingers on the wrong keys building bad habits upon bad. If this is the case it is advisable to reset the student’s account. This process irrevocably voids all record of achievement and allows the student to re-engage with Typing Tournament Online as if they had not used it before.

Delete specific activity history

Situations arise that require the deletion of history for one of more activities. Deleting the history also resets the associated record of achievement and settings within Typing Tournament Online enabling students to re-challenge themselves. This facility is very useful where:

  1. From time to time students have been using the wrong fingers on the wrong keys.
  2. A family member or other student has been completing activities in the user’s account thus skewing their record of achievement.

Allows the teacher to retrospectively print Level Achievement Certificates for all Level Tests.

View Progress Report - Students

This report is only available to students from within Typing Tournament Online. To view the report go the Main Menu screen, click the View Progress button. The report displays

  • the names of all the Levels you have visited
  • whether or not you have completed all the Drills and the Test for each Levels
  • the focus keys for the Levels you have visited
  • your latest test results for each Levels
  • the achievement Levels you are working on

The Results Report

From the View Progress Report click on the Results button for the appropriate Level

Detailed Progress Report

To print the details test results, click the Print button.

To save the detailed test results, click the Save button.

The detailed test results also give an overall speed and accuracy rating.

The yellow boxes indicate the percent accuracy for each key for this Level.

Current Results

Note. The results displayed in the View Progress Report and the Test Result Reports include only the latest results. If you attempt the Test in any level more than once, your results screen will be updated with each new attempt. In other words, Typing Tournament Online stores information about how well you are currently typing, whether or not that is your best performance. If you want to keep a record of test results that you think are particularly good, either print the certificate at the conclusion of the test.

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