Typing Tournament - Leaderboards

Typing Tournament - Leaderboards

       About the Leaderboards

The Typing Tournament Leaderboards are designed to boost individual Student motivation and team engagement by challenging all members of a Class to contribute to the overall ranking on the Leaderboard. Many Teachers have indicated that working with the Leaderboards has had a remarkable effect on the typing performance of their Classes.

Only typing completed by Students linked to a Class at a school will contribute to the Leaderboards.

Any member of the public may view the Leaderboards.

Leaderboard Overview

      To access the Leaderboards

Go to the Typing Tournament Home Page.

Moment-by-moment the Leaderboard tracks and analyses all the words typed by each Student in every Class and displays the results for those Classes that meet the participation criteria. The results refresh every 15 minutes. The Leaderboards enable Classes to compete across a broad range of criteria thus maximizing involvement. By using the tick boxes to isolate different criteria, users can view the performance of their Class by:

  1. Country or state
  2. The results just for your school
  3. The Class with the fastest average speed for the week to date
  4. The Class with the most words typed for the week to date
  5. Age brackets

      Leaderboard History is kept

The Leaderboard system archives the results week-by-week enabling users to retrospectively view the performance of their Class.

      Relative improvement is shown

Weekly improvements in Class ranking relative to other Classes is shown by green arrows.

      Leaderboard details

For a detailed explanation of the operation of the Leaderboards to go to www.edalive.com/typing-tournament/?leaderboard#

      Leaderboard opt out

The Typing Tournament Leaderboards do not display any Personal Identifiable Data for any Student. Only aggregated Class results are displayed.

Some schools may prefer that their Classes are not displayed on the Leaderboards. If this is the case, the School Administrator can simply uncheck the Participate in competition option on the My School screen of the School Administration menu. Please note we cannot remove results retrospectively.

      Leaderboard - Change Level

The Leaderboard Level that a Class competes at is determined by the Level assigned to the Class when it is first set up. This Level can be changed from the Class screen.

Leaderboard Certificates and printing

Only Teachers logged into their accounts can access and print Leaderboard certificates.

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