Baggin' the Dragon - Playing Baggin’ the Dragon

Baggin' the Dragon - Playing Baggin’ the Dragon

Baggin’ the Dragon can be played by a student on their own or in a group. It is easy to start, join or host a game. The system automatically does all of the hard work for teachers and parents. It concurrently manages the gameplay, recalculates the options for each player and automatically delivers maths optimised for each student and then reports on Questions completed.

Choose a game complexity

To get started students click on the Baggin’ the Dragon button on the Home Screen and select either the Basic or the Advanced Game.

  • The Basic game is suitable for younger students and is quicker to play.
  • The Advanced Game is more complex. It features a range of gadgets that students can use to affect the gameplay of others. It takes a little longer to play.

Choose game token

Choose to play alone or with others

Use logic and develop strategies to play the game

To play Baggin’ the Dragon students must race each other to collect the Courage Swords from around the Game Board. To succeed players must develop and constantly re-evaluate their strategy as other players make their moves.

Player Status Indicator

Each Player has a Status Indicator that tracks their status throughout the game.

8 Game-boards keep students engaged

The 8 game-boards create ongoing challenges that continuously engage players. The Advanced Game Boards have more complex gameplay with multiple pathways, challenge squares and shops.

The Shop

The Advanced Game Boards feature the Gadget Shop.

Questions from the EdAlive Adaptive Learning System

Between each round of gameplay students must answer a Question as determined by the EdAlive Adaptive Learning System.

For details of the operation of the Adaptive Learning System see the relevant section of this publication.

Finishing Sequence

After the last game round, Baggin’ the Dragon allocates point credits for the winners of a range of criteria. All the points are then tallied and a winner declared.

A Results Summary Screen is then displayed.

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