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    EdAlive Online Learning Catalogue

    A pdf overview of all of the EdAlive Online Learning websites. EdAlive Online Learning Catalogue.

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      • Typing Tournament - Play Typing Tournament Online

        Starting your Typing Quest To start your Typing Quest click on the Play button on the Main Menu screen. Posture A series of engaging scenarios highlight the importance of good posture when typing. The posture screens auto play the first time a ...
      • Typing Tournament - Motivators

        Intrinsic motivators As students progress in their typing journey Typing Tournament provides an instant dynamic feedback loop reinforcing progress keystroke by keystroke. The reinforcement is amplified through progress reports, test attainments, ...
      • EdAlive Central (Schools) - Single Sign-On (SSO) - Class Codes

        The Class Code is a unique identity code for each Class in EdAlive Central. It allows users to quickly link to their Classes without requiring them to search for and manually select their school and class. It is only displayed next to the class’s ...
      • (Video) Typing Tournament Online - Typing Level Overview

      • EdAlive Central (Home Users) - Password Reset

        To reset the password Enter the email address of the EdAlive Central account you are trying to access into the email field of the Login screen. Click on the Forgot Password? Link. An email will be sent to the email address. Locate the email and click ...